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First Light

First Light – Worth watching to the end

The words in this video describe a journey through life which we are all on. Which word describes where you are now? Watch to the end and hopefully the words will give you hope.

The words we say about the emotions we feel

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To Everyone Who’s Had A Crush

Love ignites, love hurts, love heals but always, love prevails

Preview the Lockdown Love Songs EP. Listen to all tracks here.

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I Tried To Self Isolate But Fell Out Of The Window

The calamitous tale of my Self Isolation during Covid-19 … and other things…

Before Lockdown
This morning

This is the story about how I tried to Self Isolate but fell out of the window. I was trying to copy the Italians and sing on my balcony but I don’t have a balcony. My story contains the only fart protected by Copyright that I am aware of. There’s also the time I allegedly downloaded porn onto my work PC and it escaped onto the Network. For one incredible day, naked girls were dancing on PC Screens all over the factory. There’s also the love poem to my imaginary girlfriend. She has false teeth, snores like a bison and has a bosom that would break your fall from 50 feet. I could go on but really you should just click the playlist and watch through through. You’ll love it! If you do, remember to like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Back when I had short hair…
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The High Mountains

I wrote this poem a while back to capture some of the feelings and the beauty which can be found high in the mountains. Hope you like it.