and Daydreams in the middle of the night

Galloway Forest Park is what is known as a Dark Skies Area. It’s a place where light pollution is so low that, on a cloudless night, you can see for a thousands of light years in any direction. With a large part of it being in my own council region on South Ayrshire, I went for a walk there and soon found myself daydreaming in the middle of the night.

Here is a gallery of the night as we rarely get to see it.

Looking back towards the village of Straiton
Stars above Colonel Hunter Blair’s Monument

Where I’m starting to get keen on photography, I’m no expert. These pictures were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S10 using some of the Pro Settings with ISO set to 1600 and shutter speed to 10 seconds. Main challenge for me (which I’m sure is apparent in these pictures to the more trained eye) was keeping the camera still during exposure.

Looking out from the shore of Loch Braden
Looking down on Loch Braden from a nearby hillside

Having spent a quarter of a century working in the Telecommunications Industry, I’m very familiar with the global network of nodes and routers that interlink our data. I tend to see the stars as more of a celestial network connecting the hearts of those physically apart from each other and the souls of the living with those in eternity. I’m rarely more in touch with the universe than when sitting under the stars on a clear winters night.

Stars above the winter hills
Stars emerging out of the noise pollution of Ayrshire to the north

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