Imagine You Burst Into Flames

My Summary View Of Democracy And Corporate Society In Our Times

Imagine you suddenly burst into flames and, as you flailed around frantically seeking help, someone seized the opportunity to live their finest moment. They didn’t know you or really care what happens to you but they called the attention of the crowd and yelled, “Don’t Panic!”

Talking to the hastily drawn up cue cards held up by one of their mates they made an impassioned speech about how important it was to them to put the fire out. They stated bluntly and concisely their intention to do just that and made a dramatic pledge to have it done by a week on Tuesday.

Luckily for you, someone just stepped out of the crowd, grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over you immediately putting the fire out and saving you. Seeing this, the guy in front of the crowd hailed the achievement of making good on his pledge and thanking everyone in the crowd for their unwavering support. The guy who’d saved you quietly walked on down the street shaking his head.

You still needed help. An ambulance, urgent medical treatment and everybody really seemed to care about that but that’s as far as it went. They sent you heaps of icons from their mobile phones. Even put down a wee cup beside you and threw coins in it. In the end you had to call the ambulance yourself. Someone offered you water. Only £50 a bottle.

If only the guy addressing the crowd had been more able and inclined to actually help and less focussed on his own glory. If only the crowd had looked at what was going on in front of their own eyes instead of looking at the guy addressing them. If only the guy who had saved you had gained as much support and attention as the guy who had championed your cause.

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