Welcome to the new adventure that is the new week.

For anyone who has become familiar with this site to date, you will have noticed some changes happening through September as Among The White Horses steadily transitioned to become Inspiration Through Adventure. It’s still all about travel and the adventures and inspiration that comes with that but, with the launch of a free Weekly Newsletter and a monthly ezine available for a monthly subscription fee, I’m taking the content to a new level.

I’m Going Back To The Himalayas!

Read about my previous trek to Everest Base Camp here

Everest Base Camp 2016

The main source of excitement for me just now is that I’m heading back out to Nepal to cover two iconic treks in the Himalayas.

  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek – Including a night on Annapurna Base Camp
  • Everest Base Camp Trek – Including two nights on Everest Base Camp during the Climbing Season when the Base Camp will be full of climbing Teams preparing for their summit bids.

As I prepare I will be helping anyone else who is thinking about going to the mountains, most especially those who would love to go but don’t think they could. Subscribe to Finding Your Finest Moments and get all this monthly content:

  • Read about the wild raw beauty of the Scottish Mountains in which I am training
  • Reviews of the clothing and equipment I am using, how I am using it with links to get it
  • Monthly Training Log with a Video of my route, performance, distance and time specs from my training and how the route relates to the treks in the Himalayas

I’m Writing A Book

6 years ago, I stood panting at the top of the 2 flights of stairs leading to my front door and decided I need to do something about my lack of fitness. That was when I first started thinking seriously about climbing Everest. The story from then to now, of how I never climbed Everest, features Everest a lot as well as some of the other iconic mountains around the world. If I say so myself, it’s quite inspiring. My message is this:

  • Even if you feel you should lose weight but can’t, you can still live the ‘target weight life’ you strive for. It’s about learning to carry the weight you have if you feel you can’t lose it.
  • It’s not about reaching the summit. It’s about living the moments, incredible, beautiful, fulfilling, that you find in abundance along the way.

If you read my article or listen to the podcast series Worth Your Weight In Gold, you’ll get the idea.

Click here to read the articles or listen to the podcast series below.

The Dream Of Everest Base Camp Worth Your Weight In Gold

This is a short Podcast about how and why I went to Everest Base Camp.
  1. The Dream Of Everest Base Camp
  2. Be Who You Are
  3. The Words Of Life's Journey
  4. High On Mera Peak
  5. Summit Night Kilimanjaro

Subscribing to Finding Your Finest Moments as I prepare for my return to the Himalayas is a unique opportunity to get inside the mind of the author and follow the growth of a book from conception before it actually see’s the light of day.

Free Content Is Not Going Away

For those who have enjoyed this site to date but do not yet wish to subscribe for Premium Content, that’s fine. There will still be plenty for you here. The Inspiration For A Monday Newsletter and associated podcast is free and there will still be regular posts of free content. To get notified of all new posts when they come out, just hot the follow button below and drop your email.

Inspiration For A Monday Episode 6 – Where The Adventures All Began Inspiration For A Monday

This is a podcast about self. Self awareness, self acceptance and self love.
  1. Inspiration For A Monday Episode 6 – Where The Adventures All Began
  2. Inspiration For A Monday Episode 5 – Be Who You Are
  3. Inspiration For A Monday Episode 4 – The Words Of Life’s Journey
  4. Inspiration For A Monday Episode 3 – High On Mera Peak
  5. Inspiration For A Monday Episode 2 – Summit Night Kilimanjaro
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I Hear You

If you’ve got something to say, good or bad, about this site I would love to hear from you. It will help me to tailor content that’s even more fun to interact with.

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